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Engineer trying to implement technology for a positive impact

What’s important and why when building your rig

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Fear of Starting? Don’t Fret

If you are looking to build your first mining rig and may not have vast experience building something mine cryptocurrency, don’t fret. I just started and it wasn’t that painful and with all the required parts and no past custom computer building experience I was able to do complete the build and get the software running in about 3.5 hours. So don’t stress if you think past experience or being tech-savvy is necessary… How cool is it to build a machine that generates passive income and can pay itself off and make a profit at the end of the day…

Documenting the complete process of how I made the leap to start mining for Cryptocurrency

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Background Before Deciding to Mine

In all honesty, those that know me really well know that I’m a pretty risk-averse individual both personally and professionally (since in my industry one bad event is enough to cost tons of money). The first time I heard about Crypto mining was many years ago during the last 2017 bull run and I really didn’t think that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology at the time really did anything. The crash after that bull market helped make me feel that my original prejudices were true and that it was merely a speculative vehicle for people trying to ‘get rich quick’. Little…

Queues and Heaps are fundamental building blocks of developing sequences in programming

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Queues are something intrinsic to humans as when we need to do something and it’s busy you usually have to wait in a queue or line of some sort. In Python and other programming languages, queues and heaps are a way to build sequential lists of objects and a tidy way to keep them in order. For programs that are time- or sequence-dependent, queues and heaps are ideal ways to capture this type of information to flow through the required processes of the program.

What is a Priority Queue?

In Python, a priority queue is a special type of data structure that holds a collection…

Think about the impact of how the internet shares information, blockchain will do the same for the exchange of value!

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Since Bitcoin has emerged on the scene well over a decade ago, little do people understand the actual impact and ramifications that came along with its inception and implementation. A common misunderstanding of what makes Bitcoin so special is that it is “digital gold”, but the technology that enables it to work is truly its secret sauce. The actual engine behind why Bitcoin can be a store of value is the technology called blockchain that enables it to keep, track, and maintain its value. Blockchain technology has the ability to serve multiple purposes as you can see with the variety…

A primer for the basic libraries and places to pull data for diving into the world of analyzing trading data in Python

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Python has been around for nearly three decades and is still rising in popularity. It’s absolutely something you should learn.

Unfortunately, learning where to start is usually the hardest part of anything, but in this article, we will visit some of the important Python libraries that you can rely on to begin analyzing the various markets. I think you can break down libraries for algorithmic trading into two principal groups:

  1. Data Sources— There are a couple of different flavors of data when it comes to algorithmic trading: market, fundamental, and alternative. …

What you need to know as graph theory adoption continues to take off

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In programming and mathematical terms, graph theory is really nothing new, but the implementation and usage of it in code has grown in advances in Machine Learning and AI. One big reason for this is that advances in computing power to power large-scale models allow for complex models to be developed that can represent relationships between anything. One of the most famous and early implementations in tech of Graph Theory is Google’s Page Rank algorithm. The Page Rank algorithm was the initial version of Google’s searching algorithm and is rooted in graph theory and is based on an efficient way…

One of the most looked over aspects of job hunting is getting a feel for company culture.

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Although working for a specific company may be a dream job, if you have a choice amongst a variety of companies in a certain industry then company culture is definitely one of the key factors that will make it or break it for someone.

I believe in recent years companies have become more cognizant of their ability to court potential future employees with their mark or brand of company culture, but it is key to distinguish the difference between culture and offerings. Many of the tech companies in Silicon Valley prominently feature very cool campuses loaded with additional perks, but…

Understanding the basics is the key to deciding if it’s the right decision for you and how to get started

Not going to lie, when you start digging into Cryptocurrencies, it is very confusing for your typical person. What you do see is all the headlines about the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies skyrocketing, decentralized finance systems, and a bunch of other buzzwords and terms thrown out that sound spectacular, to say the least. I’ve been trading in standard stocks for some time and understand some of the basics of market principles, but trying to get into crypto was another beast. …

When a function is not a function

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Lambda functions are very powerful items in the Python world that bridge the gap of whether or not you need to formally define a function or not. I would label the lambda function in Python as a sort of trump card for helping you to implement something quick and easy, without the formality of defining a function and any additional work that that would encompass. Remembering that “With great power comes great responsibility”, knowing when you can and when you shouldn’t use a lambda function is equally important.

Why reinvent the wheel? Python has many built-in functions that do some of the things you are currently wrapping your brains around

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Python natively has many built-in functions that everyone who wants to become familiar with the programming language should know. In this article, I’ll highlight the most important ones that you may use to develop the code that will power your machine learning or data science project. How often do you find yourself coding and want to do something that seems simple, but when you start to try and type it out you think ‘There’s got to be a better way’. If this happens to you and the concept is actually really simple, there probably is an easier way, the Python…

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