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Engineer trying to implement technology for a positive impact

A primer for the basic libraries and places to pull data for diving into the world of analyzing trading data in Python

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  1. Data Sources— There are a couple of different flavors of data when it comes to algorithmic trading: market, fundamental, and alternative. …

What you need to know as graph theory adoption continues to take off

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One of the most looked over aspects of job hunting is getting a feel for company culture.

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Understanding the basics is the key to deciding if it’s the right decision for you and how to get started

When a function is not a function

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Why reinvent the wheel? Python has many built-in functions that do some of the things you are currently wrapping your brains around

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Living the past 18 months with the pain of plantar fasciitis has been excruciating, but learning the root causes of it will allow you to conquer it!

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Getting Started

Knowing how to interpret the errors you receive when running your code enables you to diagnose and troubleshoot issues in no time!

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A huge hurdle in starting and developing a solid fitness routine usually lies with not having a plan and success measures. This is where technology can help.

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The heart and soul of Python coding… Learning to make clean, simple, and easy to read functions within Python is Priceless.

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