$SARCO Community March 2022 Update

March Recap of What is Happening in the Sarcophagus World

The month of March has slowly started to see the minds at Decent DAO start to get into heavy discussions on how the system architecture of the v2 dApp will be planned out. To help make the development more transparent as well, all of the development discussions are fully available for the world in the Decent DAO Discord Server in the #Sarcophagus channel as well as maintaining running commentary from the team in the Sarcophagus GitHub repo. We invite everyone to check out the talks and even chime in and contribute to the discussion! Some other things that will be discussed in this article are liquidity subDAO plans to help sustain Sarcophagus from funding acquired through VC investment and partnerships generated over the past couple of months and lastly the next Tech Talk coming up that will be hosted by Quickchange and Airfoil on a very important subject, Privacy!

v2 Development

As mentioned our partners at Decent DAO are hard at work formulating how to package develop the new and requested features for v2 to make the Sarcophgaus dApp a seamless, user-friendly experience. Both in the Sarcophagus and Decent DAO Discord servers, there are dedicated #GitHub channels that feed any updates on the Sarcophagus repos. Be sure to check out the conversations, as although they might very technical at times, they will give you a clear picture of where we are with development. With the decentralized ethos that Sarcophagus holds dear to the project, everyone wants to create a fully transparent, open, and inclusive environment for our development tasks and encourage others to contribute if they can.

Sarcophagus x DecentDAO AMA via Twitter Spaces

As plans are shoring up and development getting hot and heavy, Sarcophagus held its first Twitter Space jointly with DecentDAO to answer community questions and discuss progress on the project thus far. We anticipate having these types of engagements more as development continues on. You can find the Twitter Space AMA here:

Be sure to follow us at @sarcophagusio on Twitter for when the next Twitter Space AMA will come up.

Liquidity subDAO Sustainability Plan

One of the unique things with the Sarcophagus DAO is the breakdown of DAO into subDAOs where each subDAO helps maintain different parts of the ecosystem. The liquidity subDAO is hard at work seeking for ways to utilize treasury funds to help sustain treasury as well as cook up different ways to incentivize participation through voting and locking tokens in. A few various platforms for various plans on liquidity sustainability and are working to find a plan that is beneficial to the DAO. As more concrete details and information surface, we will keep the community posted on decisions that come out of the liquidity subDAO.

Tech Talk #2: Privacy

This upcoming month we will have the second discussion in the Tech Talk series, focusing on privacy. This should be very informative for both those new in teh crypto space and also those who may be have been around. The meeting will be co-hosted by Quickchange and Airfoil, both of which have strong knowledge on privacy and cybersecurity. Dont miss out and check out the Tech Talk in the Sarcophagus Discord. Be sure to stay tune as the date and time will be posted soon.

Ambassador Plans for 2022

The Sarcophagus Ambassadors have been discussing about how to approach 2022 with the development and release of v2 coming later in the year and will start to work a two pronged approach to the year, a tactical and strategic plan. The tactical plan will focus on short term things that can be done to help grow, educate, and build the community, whereas the strategic plan will focus on marketing approaches as v2 becomes closer to release to generate interest and plans to build excitement around it’s release. Be sure to follow the Discord server as we work the plans and create action items for us and community members to work on.

SARCO Community Numbers

SARCO Incentives Earning Metrics

One thing that we want to reiterate is that the stablecoin liquidity mining incentive contract has expired and if you have any stablecoins and rewards still locked up, be sure to not forget to unlock and claim them.

Wrap Up

As development continues, expect to see ideas and plans to get more involved as we move through the year!

Get Involved:

Sarcophagus Discord Server

Sarcophagus Documentation

Sarcophagus Telegram

Sarcophagus Chinese Telegram

Official Sarcophagus Twitter Account



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